Customized Job Search Training Programs 

We Help You to Stand Out ! Because of the trust from our clients, our service has helped many international students land dream jobs in companies including CME, Jefferies, Deloitte, EY, PwC, Discover, Sears, Abott, Ogilvy, and Performics. We have also helped many young professionals to maximize their career potential through coaching.

All our coaching services are highly customized according to your job search skill level, and the coaching plans are often adjusted according to your improvement and your upcoming interviews.

Initial Assessment Session – $488 (Required for all service packages) 

A 60-minute in-person conversations to evaluate your current job search readiness, job search strength and weakness, mastery of job search tools and techniques. This session should help you to set up your training goals and timeline. Please submit your current resume and other job search related documents before the appointment.

VIP Training    Duration: 16 weeks  

A highly customized systematic person to person coaching package, including eight 50-minute private coaching sessions, as well as working side by side with you through up to six round of job applications, from the beginning to the completion of interviews. The service aims at improving your overall job search skills, as well as helping you through the processes of applying, following up, researching about the job, interviewing, and negotiating salary. The coaching duration is for three months from the signing of the coaching agreement.

The detailed service are listed as follows:

I. Twelve 50-minute private coaching sessions via phone or video call.

During these sessions a career coach will work with you to:

  1. Discover your strength from your current skill set, experience and interest; narrow down the positions that are most suitable for you and for which you are most competitive
  2. Perfect your resume, polish cover letter, practice elevator pitch, and strengthen professional communications; learn to best present your qualifications through conversations during corporate presentation events
  3. Identify and optimize job referral opportunities by expanding your professional network through informational interviews, professional events, and industry conferences

II. Step-by-step job search assistance throughout the complete cycle of up to six job applications, from researching the position, to the completion of the interviews.

The assistance include:

  1. On-demand (36-hour turnaround time) revision of resumes, cover letter, email correspondence, job application essays/forms
  2. Assistance on research of the particular position, including research on the company, the industry, industry/company internal contacts, recent industry/company events and publications, and the interviewers
  3. Assistance in setting up informational interviews, conducting mock interviews, preparing interview questions

Resume Revision and Elevator Pitch Practice    Duration: 6 weeks

  1. Four 50-minute private coaching sessions to
    • Go over your past experiences and relevant projects to customize your resume to a specific job;
    • Practice on describing your experience in the most professional manner;
    • Learn to customize and deliver your self-introduction at job fairs and networking events.
  2. Two rounds of resume revision via email after the coaching sessions.
  3. The coaching duration is for 4 weeks from the signing of the coaching agreement.

Interview Training    Duration: 6 weeks

Four 50-minute coaching sessions to:

  1. Practice answering factual, situational, and behavioral questions during interviews
  2. Practice phone, pre-interview, and in-person interview skills and etiquettes
  3. Learn to conduct company and industry research to generate good questions
  4. The coaching duration is for 4 weeks from the signing of the coaching agreement.

College and Graduate School Life Comprehensive Mentoring – Service Detail and Price Provided Upon Request

*Full payment is required before the first appointment.

Resume Coaching for DePaul FIN500 & ACC505 Students

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This service is exclusively for students in DePaul University FIN500 or ACC505 classes. Each student is given a 55-minute private coaching session to review your resume and your job search strategy. Please bring two copies of your resume that have been reviewed and revised by Kellstadt Career Management Center.

Please email or call 312-925-8070 to inquire about other customized services. You can also send Coaching Inquiry to us, we will contact to you soon.